PutaO, Eastern Himalaya (Myanmar)

Tour Code: SYM-TK001
Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights
Coverage: PutaO – Shangaung – Wasandum – Ziyadum - Manzai-Mulashide and PutaO

Nature, Adventure, Birds Watching, Trekking and Mountaineering, Soft Adventure Trekking Plus White-W

The populations of ASEAN reaching to nearly 600 million in the region, there really are abundant sites and attractions with variable products and high demand. Similarly, our country possesses variety of products namely tourism, hospitality, culture and social, traditions,. etc. Among them, we would like to introduce a very attractive and natural tourism new package of “PutaO, Eastern Himalaya (Myanmar)!”

Ziyardam, situated in the north west of PutaO to be the last village to India border, is renowned for being rich in rare species of biodiversity, and for being a perfect point for trekking to Myanmar Himalayan snow-capped mountains.

The inhabitants of the village are the Rawangs, one of the four minorities living in Putao. Due to poor infrastructure and difficult access to the region, the village life remains uninfluenced by any outsiders in term of culture and social, rather surrounding pristine forest and the snow-mountains seen from the village are eyes-catching to the visitors.

Day 1: Putao (451 meters)

Just as you arrive at the PutaO airport, you will feel the quiet atmosphere and the very fresh air. After greeting, your guide will transfer you to PutaO Guest house. After refreshment, you can explore the culture of the minorities living there while walking in and out of the town. Then you will notice that the town itself lies on the small plateau surrounded by beautiful snow mountains from the west to the north. The majority of the PutaO live on farming and natural resources like gold, forest production etc, whereas a few local are engaged in trading. The locals are carefree people- not greedy for anything as long as they have harvested enough rice for the whole year. You will have only fresh organic food in Putao.

Day 2: PutaO - Upper Shangaung - Mt. Shangaung (1460 meters) - Wasandum ( 860 meters)

Soon after breakfast, you will start driving a country road of 17 km to upper Shangaung, passing through different villages of different minorities. After being dropped off at Shangaung village, you will start trekking on a gently ascending trail crossing small creek for about one hour, then start climbing up the winding trail of Mt. Shangaung of 1,460 m, which will be a great challenging for you. But as you get to the peak you will have the panoramic view of Putao and your lunch will be served there. From the summit while the descending trail lead you to Wasandum a beautiful Rawang village at 860 m, you may encounter with hornbills and gibbons in the giant bamboo grove. You may go down to Namro creek (5 minute walk from the village) to get washed up right after you have checked in the local house.
(Approx. walking 8 hours, plus one and half driving hours)

Day 3: Wasandum - Awadum - Ziyadum (1068 m)

The village roosters will give alarm call very early in the morning. It is worth going down to the Namro Creek to feel the taste of being in the nature at sun rise. After breakfast you will resume the trip by crossing the wooden bridge.
Most of your route today will be cool, shady and relatively flat, except some up and down terrain. After walking for about two hours, you get to Awadum village, which is well-known for walnut and persimmon, and home to both local Lisus and Rawangs.

After walking for half hour from Awadum, you will arrive at very long Kalan suspension bridge, nearby which lunch will be served, but you will not cross the bridge, rather pass along the Namla creek for about 2 hours to get to Ziyadum at the altitude of 1050 m above sea level, the last frontier village for this route. The villagers will greet you with beam smile as enter the village, almost all of whom mainly live on cultivation, hunting and foraging for medicinal insect called “Cordycep Sinensis” in botanical term, which plays main role in Chinese alternative medicine. (Approx. walking hour 5 – 7)

Day 4: Ziyadum – Khalang – Awadum – Wasandum (860 meters)

Early in the morning, you should not miss enjoying the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains from the village. It is advised that you take the mountains pictures from the football ground in front of the school. When your group is ready you will take different route to Kharlang village. That route is relatively flat, shady and pleasant to walk; moreover there are some beautiful suspension bridges to be crossed. It will take you about 2 hours to reach Kharlang, a beautiful Rawang village in rural setting. You will leave the village by the side for Awadam crossing a long suspension bridge of Kharlang. You may take your lunch at a local house in Awadam, which owns the only shop of the village and proceed to Wasandam to stay overnight. (Approx. walking hours 6)

Day 6: River Camp – PutaO (Rafting or Car)

Having enjoyed the peaceful sound of the river and the nature throughout the night, you will continue second day of rafting trip, which is more exciting and challenging in compared to that of the first day. If necessary, you will be requested to get off of the raft and walk along the river bank for a few minutes, especially at the point when you get to small water fall. Passing through deep intact forest and narrow canyon, you will finally raft down to Mulashide village, where the first missionary, Morse family lived. And you can explore the village, and by awaiting car drive back to PutaO with the distance of 8 miles. Overnight at the PutaO Guest house.

Day 7: PutaO – Airport for departure

As you get up, you should not forget to visit local market to explore the local products and to buy some souvenirs for your dear ones. We strongly recommend that you should buy lovely tea cups crafted from bamboo and try the taste of local organic fruits. Depending on the flight arrival, your guide will transfer you to the airport by car for onward departure. And our service will end up seeing you off at the terminal. (15 minutes driving)

游览代码: SYM-TK001