Bird Watching in Moe Yun Gyi

Tour Code: SYM BW01
Duration: 1 Day
Coverage: Bago

Yangon – Moe Yun Gyi (Wetlands Resort) The Best Season November to March

Moe Yun Gyi wetlands is situated in Bago Division, about 70 miles north of Yangon – Mandalay highway. It is just two – hour drive from Yangon. In 1878, a water storage reservoir was constructed in Moe Yun Gyi area. Many year later, the reservoir changed naturally into wetlands with the extent of 40 square miles which have high wetland conservation value. As a result, the wetlands have been notified as a wildlife sanctuary since 1988. Every year, millions of birds usually fly from the northern hemisphere to the south along the East Asian – Australian Flyway to escape from winter. They stop to rest and feed in Asia. So the flyway contains a network of wetlands and Moe Yun Gyi is one of them. Moe Yun Gyi is a vital shelter for both resident and migratory waterfowls. A census at Moe Yun Gyi revealed that there are 125 species of waterbirds including 70 species of migrants. Little Grebe, Purple Heron, Grey Heron, Sarus Crane, Asian Open Bill, Rubby Shelduck, Purple Swamphen, Spot – Billed Pelicasn, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Black Winged Stili, Great Cormorant, etc.., can be seen abundantly. In addition to bird watching, you can observe with livelihood of local populace, fauna and flora of the wetlands.

游览代码: SYM BW01