How to be a responsible traveler in Myanmar

Welcome Message from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar

Dear Visitors,

Mingalabar, and Welcome to Myanmar!

We are delighted you have chosen to visit our country and we warmly welcome you! We trust that visiting Myanmar will be one of the most remarkable travel stories to tell.

Our Ministry aims to develop Myanmar’s tourism sector in a sustainable way. We are encouraged by the growth of tourism in our country and we are setting up sustainable destination management structures to ensure that future generations will enjoy our environments and cultures. We believe that the Dos and Don’ts for Tourists will contribute to our aim for sustainability by raising visitors’ awareness about Myanmar’s intricacies and avoiding some of the common negative impacts of tourism.

With this 2nd edition of the Dos and Don’ts for Tourists we encourage visitors to learn about Myanmar and to create an enabling environment for responsible tourism to flourish. We hope this booklet will influence the way visitors interact with destinations and with each other, and that tourists will take full advantage of the guidelines set out in this booklet. In our combined efforts we will be leading Myanmar to create better experiences for visitors and for our citizens.

We are very grateful for your cooperation.

Once again, we seize this opportunity to warmly welcome you and to wish you an enjoyable stay in Myanmar.

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar


“We warmly welcome those who appreciate and enjoy our heritage, our way of life and who travel with respect.”

Myanmar Responsible Tourism Policy