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As the world’s oldest reigning monarchy, Brunei is home to centuries of royal heritage, with the current Sultan’s family line dating back over 600 years. Walk through time and discover relics from an ancient shipwreck, take a stroll around the surroundings of a royal tomb, and experience history all over again through numerous exhibitions and displays.

Religion And MIB
According to Chinese historical records, Islam has been present in Brunei since the 10th century, and by the reign of the third monarch, Sultan Sharif Ali, Brunei grew into an Islamic empire. With Islam as the state religion and the Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) concept as the national governing philosophy, Brunei flourished spiritually and through the people’s material well-being.

Aquatic & Coastal
Coastal Beauties known for their picturesque sunsets and scenic shorelines, the sun-kissed beaches of Brunei are definitely a leisurely destination not to be missed in your stay here.

Nature & Wildlife
Wildlife, While trekking along our rainforests, you’ll find that Brunei is no short of its rich diversity of wild creatures. Taking residence across various areas of the country, these critters are inherently shy and especially hard to spot.

Eat & Drink
Local Delicacies, Carried down from generation to generation, if there’s one thing that has survived the test of time in Brunei, it’s definitely our food and our love for it. Live our culture in the best way possible, through your sense of taste.