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Myeik Archipelago known as Mergui Archipelago, Situated at the southern part of Myanmar occupied about eight hundreds island. The last destination of South East Asia Sea Explorers lots of virgin islands, thousands of beautiful silvery beaches, hundreds of marine and wildlife, amazing diving, very wide sailing area, Beautiful fishing ground, Many Mangroove River,

“The most exclusive region among the South East Asian Nations”

“ This is the best place to spend your holiday to be out of the world”

“ No mobile network, internet, facebook not at all.  You will feel like step off from your world and step on the another world”

All about new for you and your partners, new place, new neighbor, new friend and new things that all about new are for your experiences and these experiences you can’t pay for it for your whole life.


Dive sites in Myeik Archipelago are in the enlist of world top ten best dive site in the world for two decade. It was amazing dive site for all kinds of divers from all around the world. Beginner divers to Professional divers are able to dive in this beautiful under water world. Marine creature of Sub Tropical water is belong many beautiful sea life.

Nurse Sharks, Black Tip, White Tip, Leopard Shark, Silver Tip Shark and Whale Shard are very commonly waiting to say “ Hello” to Amateur Divers. Moreover, Many kinds of small sea life are also waiting for the intermediate and professional divers. Nudibranchs, Sea Snails, Cleaner Shrimps, Mantis Shrimps, sea slugs, cuttlefishs,

Game Fishing

We can provide game fishing for you and your fishing friend whatever you like to try. What I can promise is to get so much fun on the game fishing. Our Experience Captain will bring you to the right spot of the banks in the middle of nowhere. You will have the chance to trolling  underway form Kaw Thaung Town to Banks to get the Merlin, Delicious King Mackerel, Dolphin Fishes. Moreover, Tuna, Wahoo and Sail Fish also you can lucky.

Fishing Itinery
  • Drive out offshore for about twelve hours to get to the fishing banks and searching around good fishing spots and anchor over the banks. Time for fishing.
  • Moving Around the underwater banks for the good fish and good catch
  • Not only you can fish whenever you can fish but also you can sleep whenever you willing to sleep,
  • Any sorts of game fishing are able to provide before your departure.

“Our Experience Captain will not hesitate to honor you for your Lucky Merlin”

“The cook will prepare your fresh fish for you dinner”





Very wide sail area around the Myeik Archipelago. Good distance between islands and fantastic wind speed will carry your boat nice and quietly to other destination. The best time for sailing around this region is from 2nd week of October to 3rd week of February. This moment is the best moment for the sailing with North East, North and East Wind. Having snorkeling around the beautiful coral reefs, Swimming at the silvery beaches, Watching on the flora and fauna is awesome. Our good neighbor are Moken ethnic group and other Burmese ethnics, We anchor in the same bay. They look dirty and ugly but their minds are very simple and they belong purified heart. They don’t mind to give you fresh snapper or Cone Shell when you make friendship with them.


Mangrove Rivers

Mangrove forests are the very important for many reasons. Now a day Mangroves forests are lesser and lesser each years. You will have the chance to explore tropical mangrove forest.


Sea Gipsy ( Moken )

No one have any idea where Moken derive down from, Anyhow Moken is the one of the amazing minority in the world. You can see Moken ethnic group around the Southeast Asia nations. Beside Moken who living around Myeik (Mergui ) Archipelago is quite different with the Moken on the other nations. The reason is the Moken living around other Southeast Asia nations received many support from their government, NGO and INGO that made change to the new generation of Moken. Moken in this region received lowest supports from any organization. That’s make Moken in this region not changing very much compare with Moken from other nation. They are living like old days very amazing and interesting people. They use their own dialect, culture, believe, tradition and religious. Global warming and over fishing effected to this innocence minority.

“Once this minority is famous as best free diver in the world”

“Born in the sea and die in the sea. Pity and endanger minority. The last decade to study real Moken”