Salon Festival (Thanintharyi Division)

Salon Festival (Thanintharyi Division)

Salon festival is usually held during the month of February. The festival is at Majungalet Village on Bocho Island near Lampi Island in Myeik. Thanintharyi Division. It is celebrated every year. to promote tourism in acquaintance with Salon and Myeik Archipelago as one of the tourism attractions for International Market. Here is where you will witness traditional and spiritual dances. diving competitions and a fascinating way of life. There are also rowing competitions. folk singing and a traditional Salon feast. The Salon people. or sea gypsies. live nomadic sea lives for seven months of the year. living off their ingenuity and the resources of the ocean. Encountering this chance be a rare opportunity.

17th-18th Jan 2018: Lisu New Year Festival, Putao.

Lisu New Year Festival 2018,  Putao (4days/ 3 nights)


Day 01: (17.01.2018, Wed)  Yangon – Putao by flight (-/-/D)

Fly from Yangon to Putao, on arrival at the airport, the guide will pick up to explore ins and out of the town. As the town is inhabited by four minority ethnics- namely Lisu, Rawang, Jimpaw and Shan, you will notice how peaceful and simple their lives are. Traditional dinner in the Snow Land Hotel and Overnight in there.


Day 02: (18.01.2018, Thu) Participation in Lisu Festival (B/L/D)

It’s worth visiting the Myoma market in the very early morning, where you can enjoy Noodle soup or tea for breakfast. Visit Lisu New Year festival, where you can watch some performances, such as Lisu Traditional Dance, Lisu Traditional Sword-Laddered climbing and Traditional Walking through flaming fire. Then drive to Machanbow town through vast thatch field for about one hour, after passing the Malikha suspension bridge, visit Stone Dragon and enjoy the scenery of the Malikha river, which is the boundary between the two townships- Machanbow and Putao. From Naung Kaing, you will continue driving to Kaungmulon pagoda along Malikha river, then take different road to Putao and overnight in Snow Land Hotel


Day 03: (19.01.2018, Fri) Mulashide Village (B/L/D)

In the morning, visit Mulashide village by car. It’s 8 miles from the town and located by the river bank of ice-cold water mural creek flowing from snowcapped-mountains on the border with India. Explore the village as it was set up by the First Christian missionary. Then resume exploring new year festival, and enjoy interacting with community elders for the rest of the day. Then overnight in Snow Land Hotel


Day 04: (20.01.2018, Sat) Putao – Yangon by flight (B/L/-)

Visit morning market to walk around and buy local souvenirs, and have breakfast in the market. It is worth taking a visit to Khakaborazi National Park Museum, then drive to airport and fly back to Yangon.

  • Price based on 2-3 Pax: 845 USD/ Per Pax (Single supplement = 85 USD)
  • Price based on 4-5 Pax: 785 USD/Per Pax (Single supplement = 85 USD)
  • Price based on 6-7 Pax: 750 USD/ Per Pax (Single supplement = 85 USD)

***Accommodation Info based on Snow Land Hotel***

Services included:

full board meals, guide, transportation, accommodation and air tickets.


Service excluded:

travel insurance, own expense and tips

Thingyan Water Festival

Thingyan Water Festival

It is believed that water festival washes away sins and welcomes the New Year. The water festival represents the most popular, raucous and colorful celebration of the year for more than 120 million people who will abandon any thoughts of work and bring their nations to a standstill.

After playing around and having fun throughout the country, the city-dwellers welcome the New Year on the 17th by cleaning the floors of the pagodas and monasteries, washing old and aged peoples’ hair, helping to cut them their nails. Some offer free food and drinks for everyone who visits the pagodas, some make other donations. If you can be here with us, you will never forget the true joy.

Thingyan hardcore water fight or water battle, whatever you call it. 🙂

Place Countrywide
Time April 13 to April 16 every year

Naga New Year Festival

Naga New Year Festival

Numerous Naga tribes spread throughout the north-western hills of Myanmar. Most of the Naga are from the Chin State. But the festival place falls in the Sagaing Division, next to the Chin State.

The places where the Naga inhabit are Khamti, Lashe, Lahel, and Nanyun in the Sagaing Division. There are 64 clans of the Naga tribe.

The Naga festival is social, but it is also to exchange previous year experiences, to make plans for the coming year and to discuss how to overcome difficulties. They pray for abundant crops and domestic animals and to have good weather. Another aspects of this festival is reunion of relatives, who are away from home. They worship to their deities by scarifying the animals. The festival is usually in January, for this year it will be held on the 15th of January, 2006.

To visit this festival, one has to travel from Yangon to Homemalin by air. Then from Homemalin to Htamanthi by cruise up the Chindwin River. After arriving Htamanthi, travel to Lashe by car again. It takes about 2 days on the way to the festival.

Place Chin State
Time During January of every year, depends on Lunar calendar

Kachin Manaw Festival

Kachin Manaw Festival

Kachin is one of the states which has a delightful festival known as Manaw. Kachin, the hill people or the Scots of Myanmar, celebrate Manaw festival.

It is one of the most popular festivals in Myanmar. The festival is usually held in January. This festival has been held for more than three decades. Manaw festivals is the celebration of the New Year, Victory in battles, reunion of the tribes etc. Everybody in town joins the spiritual dance lined up behind one another.

The traditional Manaw poles are decorated in colourful Kachin motifs and are centered in the middle of the festival ground. All who came to the festival wear their best traditional costume and the main feature of the festival is dancing around the erected Manaw poles, quite similar to the totem poles of North American Indians. Manaw festival is held in Myitkyina and Putao in Kachine State.

Place Putao & Myitkyinar City, Kachin State
Time During January of every year